Laplandia Super Premium Vodka

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Laplandia Super Premium Vodka

This product is the Flagship of the Laplandia brand. It’s the perfect compound of pure neutral grain spirit and the above-mentioned best water in the world. To enhance its already insane level of smoothness, we add a drop of natural heather honey.

Laplandia Vodka’s undisputed quality and purity has been proven and confirmed through multiple international tasting awards. And to complement those contents, the bottle is beautifully decorated with white and wintery elements in order to bring out its authentic identity. To make it perfectly represent Lapland’s essence, we gave it a nice touch of real 24 karat gold as well.




Product Information

Size 200ml, 500ml, 700ml
ALC % 40%
Country of Origin Finland
Shelf Life Unlimited
Custom Code 22086011