The birth of the Laplandia brand can be described as a chain of events that resulted from shared love and respect for the northern nature.

Laplandia was founded in 2009 by Global Drinks Finland Oy (GDF), followed by an enchanting visit to Lapland by its owners. GDF, owned by a family of entrepreneurs, was a young player in the beverage industry at the time, having been previously involved with merely a few other spirits brands. 

The visit to the last great wilderness of Europe and witnessing its pure nature gave rise to concerns of sustainability and environmental issues- ones that are very current and trendy on today's world- already back then. This eventually led t the idea of a soirits brand that would represent the values and attributes of the North and fueled the birth of the brand slogan "Land of Purity".

The plains, minimalist and white decoration of the bottle was designed to represent the "Land of purity" in all of its aspects, while the 24K gold used in the midnight sun is a tribute to the legendary gold fields of Lapland.

Today, having won multiple prestigious international tasting awards, Laplandia is slowly reinventing vodka around the world. 

Lap Spirits is proud to be the official distributor of Laplandia in Singapore and South East Asia.



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