Super Premium Flavoured Vodka



Taste The Spirit

Inspired by the Northern Lights, the Laplandia Flavoured Vodka collection is made using the same basic ingredients as the original one, only with an addition of natural flavours. Just like Laplandia Vodka’s, the quality of these flavoured vodkas has been proven by tasting awards and – more importantly – by our very own customers’ feedback. Unlike many of our competitors, we only use natural aromas (as opposed to artificial) in order to preserve the vodka’s original authentic qualities and attributes.

Below you will see that the collection consists of authentic Lappish and Nordic wild berries that complement the identity of the brand perfectly. In addition, you will find a variety of more exotic choices that speak to a wider audience.


Laplandia Espresso Shot


Finns sure love vodka and coffee. In fact, Finnish people are the biggest consumer of coffee in the world: 9,6kg per capita! Laplandia Espresso Shot is a super premium coffee flavoured vodka tailored to represent the perfect combination of Finnish vodka production capabilities and coffee making skills.


Laplandia Lingonberry

Yet another nutritionally rich wild Nordic berry, the Lingonberry, is one of the popular ones amongst the northern people. A bit like its cousin, the Cranberry, it has a slightly sweet initial taste, followed by a mild bitter kick. Combined with Laplandia’s most essential quality from one of the Northernmost Distilleries in the World, the award winning ground water, this flavored vodka produces a clean taste preserving the berry’s authentic attributes. Best served straight and chilled.


Laplandia Bilberry

This is the only vodka in the world made using real wild bilberries, and each litre contains an overwhelming equivalent of 570g of bilberries! Bilberry is Blueberry’s more aromatic wild cousin, which is found exclusively in the northern forests. It has a very mildly tart taste which is essentially overpowered by its sweetness.

Its beautiful dark purple colour combined with its authentic bilberry flavour provides incredible opportunities in the world of cocktails, but enjoying it chilled and straight is a total game changer.