Super Premium Vodka


Taste The Purity

The thing that most people often seem to forget is the fact that the main ingredient (60%) in vodka is water. Even the name ‘vodka’ is derived from the Russian word ‘voda’, which means water. In other words, the thing that makes the biggest difference to the quality of vodka is the quality of the water.

Having said that, we believe we are in possession of probably the purest and cleanest groundwater in the world. It was formed in a unique environment and has gone through the best possible natural purification process, starting from rainwater filtrating into an esker. The rainwater gets filtered and purified through thick sand layers that are thousands of years old, and is then stored in the esker’s core. 

These natural purification processes cannot be reproduced by synthetic treatments, and this water does not require any post-processing or additives. 

This groundwater is the soul of our vodkas.


Laplandia Super Premium Vodka


This product is the Flagship of the Laplandia brand and is the cornerstone of Shaman Spirits’ portfolio. It’s the perfect compound of pure neutral grain spirit and the above-mentioned best water in the world. To enhance its already insane level of smoothness, we add a drop of natural heather honey.

Laplandia Vodka’s undisputed quality and purity has been proven and confirmed through multiple international tasting awards. And to complement those contents, the bottle is beautifully decorated with white and wintery elements in order to bring out its authentic identity. To make it perfectly represent Lapland’s essence, we gave it a nice touch of real 24 karat gold as well.


Laplandia Eclipse

As its name suggests, this product is a rare phenomenon that is witnessed only by the most privileged enthusiasts among us. Darkened by the Eclipse, this black coated bottle together with its gold decoration is a demonstration of glass art at its finest.

In order to ensure the content of this phenomenon to be unique as well, we infused it with one of nature’s own sweeteners, found deep in the forests of Lapland, Xylitol. This vodka holds all of Laplandia’s well-known pure attributes, along with an additional smoothness and mild sweetness.